Merci d'être extraordinaire virginie.

A.M. Suisse

Virginie was recommended to me by a dear friend of mine. I had gone to many healers and shamans and had received many wonderful healing sessions of all kinds. Virginie however is very special to me because without saying anything her pure presence made me feel at ease. Her eyes sparkle and her whole body is energetic and her heart overflowing with love. And all that is very easy to absorb the moment you meet her.

My conversation with her was afluent and right to the point. When she worked on me she lightly touched different parts of my body but I imediately  felt this river of energy rushing through my entire body energizing and revitalizing every single cell of my body. At the same time she delivered wonderful messages with deep meanings for myself. 

After the session, which felt like endless bliss a very profound calmness came over me and I felt grounded, strong and almost like re-connected to my own source.  It is difficult to describe all the incredible beautiful things i experienced during my session with her, all I can say from the bottom of my heart that it is a divine experience, very powerful and I wish everybody could meet this lovely lady.

Stephanie, Brooklyn

My session with Virginie was truly one of the highlights of my trip to the peloponnese..maybe one of those things that was meant to happen for me! I felt remarquably well, light and grounded after our special session and continue to take time to reflect on her insight. Our time together has been deeply meaningful and valuable to me and I look forward to progressing my journey.

Jill, London, UK

We have spend a week in Amanzoe resort in Greece, as we needed, my husband and I, to recharge our battery.  I guess it was not a coincidence  that Virginie arrived at the same time. We have spend the whole week, being pampered by Virginie with all her positive vibes, love and care. You abandon yourself to her and she fills you with so much energy and positivity.

It was a wonderful experience that we will never forget!

We just wish the same experience to everybody and hope to see her soon.

L.G  France 

Your treatments have been so wonderfully beneficial for Michael and I. You have literally melted our aches and pains away. We should have packed you up in our suitcase!  You are a very talented and gracious practitioner and your treatments reflect the dedication and devotion you apply to your practice. Thank you. 

Gianni Alan-Buckley, London


Vous sentez que vous avez besoin qu'on s'occupe de vous. Virginie est là. Grâce à son don, mon corps s'est doucement  mis en mouvement, mon coeur a repris des forces. J'aurais tant à dire sur ce qu'a produit son traitement dans ma vie, mais le meilleur moyen c'est de vivre cette expérience. Maintenant c'est à vous ! Prenez contact avec elle, je vous le conseille vivement. Vous serez alors comme moi, reconnaissante d'avoir été soignée par cette femme pleine d'amour. 

Theresa,  Zürich

Recevoir un soin de Virginie c'est être transporté dans un monde subtil, léger, fluide et libre. Je suis de nature craintive aux soins énergétiques, car j'ai parfois peur de me sentir manipulée. Avec Virginie rien de pareil. A l'aide de sa nature souriante et accueillante, elle pratique son soin dans un cadre sécurisant et structuré, ce qui me permet de pouvoir dialoguer avec elle en toute confiance.  J'ai reçu un soin de lecture et harmonisation de l'aura et cela a été très bénéfique pour avancer dans ma vie actuelle.  J'ai ainsi pu déceler où j'avais des blocages, et où je pouvais trouver des solutions pour progresser sur mon chemin de vie. Et cela donne de l'énergie, de la joie et de la santé!  Virginie est une très belle personne, je ne peux que la recommander. Encore Merci! 

Denyse, Couvet

C'est dans l'espace du cœur que j'ai rencontré Virginie, un temps hors du temps, une Femme de lumière... Elle a l'écoute, elle a l'appel, elle ressent ce qui a besoin d'être harmonisé, c'est un moment de confiance qui vous permet d'aller au-delà de vous!
Merci pour le travail que tu fais, ici et dans d'autres contrées...
Que les étoiles guident encore longtemps cette route-là!

Samalie, Lausanne

Virginie is is a unique healer with a rare insight to the body's historical trauma. She sees pathways to healing through the deepest layers. You will be changed by her work, visibly,  tangibly  changed. 

 Nadyia Nottingham, New York 

"After I have a massage from Virginie I feel changed. I haven't woken up and felt good in months and months. I had a massage on Sunday and by Tuesday I was waking up happy and clear. I think the experience is much more than a massage. It is a spiritual and emotional  cleansing. It is a physical alignment. I live in Toronto and will travel often to New York City for her massage". 

 Paula Silver, Toronto


Within the vast expanse of our inner worlds some of us are adventurers and explorers at times driven by a sense of need.  I have rarely found a guide to take me safely to some of my inner-most worlds, places inhabited by quietness.  Virginie lead me by an intuition that brings the kind of understanding and healing I long for.  There are many who guide but few with such care and wisdom as Virginie.  Thank you Virginie.  I hope we get to do more in the future.

Teddy G. New York


I came from South Africa and was born when apartheid was at full throttle. When I came to the United States I was diagnosed with breast cancer. As immigrants and citizens of the world, we all have baggage! Virginie helped remove a lot of the burdens of my past. After a session with her, I literally felt lighter, freer, and more focused. With Virginie you will find a gifted practitioner who has the expertise to help you become more of the person you are meant to be. I'm looking forward to more healing sessions with her".  

 Louise, New York 


                    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

All the king's horses and all the King's men

Couldn't put Humpty Dumpty together again.

...But Virginie Claret could...

D.R. New York


The very thought of Virginie brings a smile to my face, her presence in this world-literally touching people, and changing our lives for the better. For me, Virginie not only helped my body heal a physical back injury, she also healed the spinning unfocused energy of stress and all the havoc it wreaks on ones' ability to just be and enjoy the moment one is in.  Whereby allowing for deeper breaths, more sound sleep, and an indelible grounded feeling of peace.                                                                                                               

   Pholomi, New York 


Thank you Virginie for seeing inside my heart, understanding me and guiding me. The session with you was a great reinforcement and built my confidence. What amazes me is I still feel light and positive - even after weeks of my return.  I truly believe this has to do with the positive and healing energy that you sent for  me. I can feel it, it's beautiful. I also feel that I can see life in details, enjoy quiet moments and find joys in small things. I feel far more settled and happy.

A.S, India


Le temps d’un soin avec Virginie constitue une parenthèse très ressourçante.
C’est un espace pour soi, un moment de recentrage et d’abandon des tensions et soucis, dans la confiance.
Avec finesse et légèreté, et surtout beaucoup d’intuition, Virginie sait accompagner dans une démarche visant à lâcher le superflu.
Après une séance, je me sens nettoyée et beaucoup plus légère.
En résumé, une très belle expérience que je peux recommander."

Dominique, NE, Suisse

The self destruct button that I have pressed my whole life when it looks likely that I might actually succeed at something has finally been removed by Virginie. The 'I can't ' and what was left of the old cry baby has gone. I took it all with me to India but now it's all gone for good. I waited a while, returned to England, and yes I now feel very different. I was able the whole time. Now that the veil has been removed I can see it.  Virginie has her own way of working, she knows what she's doing and you can trust her.  In an uncertain work Virginie is one of the good guys.  If you've just found her website then you're probably ready.

SG,   UK

I met Virginie at the Ananda Spa in the Himalayas. I have never had any healing experience before - the session with Virginie was quite incredible! I could feel the flow of energy through my body while she worked. She could see into my soul - I felt recognised and aknowledged by her words and wisdom which have given me increased confidence  in my path and my strenghts. I felt joyous, energised and extremely peaceful after the session, something other people could immediately see.  I wish I could share her gift with so many other people I know!

Louise, Johannesburg

Virginie, Thank you for helping me unlock my emotions to realise my true life values.

David, UK